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Pets of the Month:

 Sadie, Bennie, Lanie and Fezzik 

epet of the month-dog

 Sadie  12 year old-  I adopted Sadie after she was abandoned as an adolescent dog at my job (boarding kennel). She is my first dog and has been with me all these years. Even at 12 she is still easily the most playful and energetic of all my dogs! 


 Glenway Animal Hospital-pets

Bennie 12 year old- I adopted Bennie from a client. He came to me with severe aggression issues and has taught me quite a lot about dogs that helped me with many clients. Bennie is a loving (albeit needy!) dog who loves to be with me, though really appreciates his space from the other dogs sometimes. He loves playing fetch and catching frisbees!


Glenway animal hospital - pets

 Lanie 8 years old- I adopted her from her previous owner 2 years after I adopted her brother from them, Bruce (he sadly passed away when he was 4). Lanie is such a loving and playful girl. She's never met someone she didn't love and is the sweetest girl. Although normally pretty lazy, she gets bursts of energy that will startle and make you laugh! 

Glenway Animal Hospital -pets

Fezzik 4 years old- I got Fezzik as a puppy when his owner found out he couldn't be shown. He instantly became a daddy's boy who loves to be with me. Fezzik is very sweet and calm, always happy to lay and relax with you. Although he's dealt with a lot of health issues, it's never dampened his spirits. His favorite activity is rubbing his head against your leg and receiving lots of ear rubs.