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Pets of the Month:

 Cassie and Carmelita 

epet of the month-dog

Both Cassie and Carmelita are rescue cats from the SPCA located here in Cincinnati, Ohio.  They both are six years old, both are female and both have a personality that will have you in stitches all the time. Cassie is very laid-back and she loves to purr. She at times gets on top of the pillow while sleeping and she sounds like a little lawnmower just purring away. Baby on the other hand,AKA Carmelita, is my ninja girl, as we call around the house, because she's always running and bouncing off the walls. For a cat that does not have any claws, she can get very high and into a lot of places that most cats without claws would have difficulties getting into. I am so happy to have both of these cats because they are very well manageable and very well trained.