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Glenway Animal Hospital Presents

Pets of the Month:

 Axl and Luna

pet of the month-dog

Axl is a 4 year old and we adopted him from the Bracken County Animal Pound when he was a year old. Luna and Axl are the equivalent of human brothers and sisters. They pester and tease each other but they also love each other to no end. 

  Luna is 7 years old and we adopted her from Homestretch Hounds when she was 2. 

 Glenway Animal Hospital-Beagle

Glenway Animal Hospital- dog

Luna is beagle through and through. Her favorite things are people and food. She is very loving and good natured and she basks in all of the compliments that people give her. If you are a kid she'll come over and sit in our lap if allowed. It took Axl about a year to realize that he wasn't going back to the pound. Once he settled in his seriousness diminished and his fun and loving side emerged. His favorite things are people, food and belly rubs. People always comment that they can't believe what a good boy he is. 

Luna and Axl are loved very much! 

Glenway Animal Hospital-Beagle